Acronym Run

I’ve been away from the office for five days. Like many of us, my work world is ripe with acronyms for many of our work conversations. I must be going through some acronym withdrawal as I started thinking of some as I ran yesterday. I thought I’d share a few.

LSD – Long Slow Distance. This term was coined by famed New Zealand track coach Arthur Lydiard. He was a former Olympic Marathoner who gained more fame in coaching and writing. He steered his distance runners to build their base mileage by running long slow miles and save their speed for shorter workouts and competitions. I think I ingested some LSD as my run today was over the hills and dales of the Lake Michigan sand dunes. Those miles were definitely LSD miles. Of course in my advancing years pretty much all of my miles are slow. Even the shorter runs (SSD?).

TSS – Toddler Sand Shovels. Otherwise known as my shoes. I wore gaiters which prevented some of the sand from gaining entry into my shoes, but still had to stop seven or eight times to dump sand out of my shoes and socks.

OTF – Only Two Faceplants. I only bit the dust twice in during my run today, so I’m calling that a win. Or maybe I wasn’t trying hard enough.

LRSGM – Longest Run Since Grandma’s Marathon. I’ve been fighting off a running injury for the past two and a half months. I took some time off, worked on some physical therapy and only recently began to increase my mileage. I ran 17 miles today, or 7.5 miles further than any  run since Grandma’s Marathon on June 18.


Map of North Ottawa Dunes trails.

BMB – Butt Muscle Better. My injury was to my piriformis muscle. The ruckus in my rumpus impaired my running in that my runs would get more painful the more miles I ran. Using my butt-head, I still ran two derriere deficient marathons before taking a break. Happily my rear was in a better gear today and seemed to almost feel better the farther I traveled. Not quite as broken as a couple of months ago.


This is what my rear felt like a couple of months ago.

SZ – Safety Zone. I’m glad I didn’t get shot in the five miles I ran before reaching this part of the trail.


Warning signs.

MUL – Mouse Under Leaves. This fellow ran across the trail in front of me. He then hid his head under I leaf so I wouldn’t see him. Brilliant! (Unlike to quality of the photo.)


RHD – Red Hawk Down. This bird swooped down in front of me. He must have been looking for some MUL.


Red Tailed Hawk

TRN – Trail Running Nirvana. The sand dunes that run for several hundred miles along the eastern shore of Lake Michigan. Since they were formed 4,000 years ago they are mostly covered with mature forests. This worked out well for me as my run was about 99% shade covered on a warm day.  The paths run along dune ridge tops and in the valleys between the dunes. The curves and vertical changes make it seem like a roller coaster in many places.

ACS – Acronym Craving Satisfied. Now I can get back to vacation for the next five days.



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I'm an avid runner who probably runs too many marathons. My wife of over two decades is quite tolerant of my obsessions and has put up with me thus far. My grown daughters gave up trying to understand me long ago.
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