Hope You Find Your Way Home

I made a bargain with Anne today. I agreed to accompany her to the bra store across town if she would help facilitate my planned long run. It led to an adventuresome day. I mostly kept my end of the deal in that I did drive across town to the Title Nine Store in Edina so she could do her shopping. Neither Rocky nor I were in need of similar apparel, so while Anne shopped, I took him for a walk along 50th Street over to the historic Edina Mill. From the historic documentation at the site I learned that the mill was named Edina Mill by a Scotsman who immigrated here from Scotland in the 1860’s. Edina was a nickname for Edinburgh. The name Edina was his homage to his beloved homeland. As the surrounding community grew in the area, it became known as Edina. The suburb is still so named.

Rocky enjoying the smells of spring and the sound of rushing water at Edina Mill.

After meeting Anne back at the store, we drove to Boom Island Park, just north of downtown Minneapolis. Anne dropped me off and let me know if I managed to find my way home, she might (just might) cook dinner for me. Having lived a few places in Northeast Minneapolis and in Fridley, I had a rough route sketched out in my head to run the distance to home in Shoreview. The short plan was to follow the Mississippi River north for about eight miles and turn right. Run east for about another 12 miles until I reached our neighborhood. I set off with visions of cornbread tamale pie dancing in my head.

Boom Island launch point.

Residential and industrial development break up the sections where you can run close alongside the mighty river. I had fun revisiting the little city parks with which I was familiar and discovering new surprises as I zig-zagged my way north.

Zoran Mosjilov’s outdoor studio and sculpture park.









Sheridan Veterans Memorial Park

When did they put a ferris wheel in Northeast Minneapolis?

New (somewhat) Lowry Avenue Bridge over the Mississippi.






No shortage of railroads criss-crossing the route.








As I made my through the northern border of Minneapolis I saw the first real signs of spring. Highway construction is upon us.

The scenery disintegrated into a bit of industrial slag. Although beauty IS in the eye of the beholder. A little distance beyond the bridge in the photo below was the FMC Corporation Superfund site. The first Superfund site on my run today.






As I ran past the massive Minneapolis Waterworks fortresses, I noticed a large bird on the ground. When it saw me the red-tailed hawk flew up to a nearby branch to investigate whether I looked edible. After posing for a minute or so, it moved on in search of more appropriate prey.











The rest of the journey lent to some pretty scenery, although having a third of today’s distance cutting through the city of Fridley in Anoka county, I realized how lucky I am to have winter paths well cleared in Ramsey and Hennepin Counties. Much snow, slush and ice made for slow going. Probably why we pay higher taxes in the other counties.


I found the tunnel under Highway 65 was a great way to avoid the heavy road traffic, but wish I had brought my ice skates.

Ice from one end of the tunnel to the other end.


More pretty scenery along Rice Creek and in Long Lake Park.

Old Railroad Station in New Brighton.

After crossing over the I35W bridge, I made it to the second Superfund site of the run. The Twin Cities Army Ammunitions Plant (or TCAAP) was another glow in the dark property. Only recently has it been declared safe for development.

Finally making it through TCAAP and into the Rice Creek Trail Corridor, I hit the home stretch. Anne and Rocky met me just outside our local off-leash dog park and so I took a walking break to make a circuit of the park with them. Then I ambled my way home after parting ways.

Somehow I found my way home, even without a new bra. The best part of the twenty-one mile run was making it home to dinner! From Anne’s long titled heirloom family cookbook, (“The Thick Thigh Cookbook, Or Masticating With The Musselmans For Those That Prefer Eating To Sex”), cornbread tamale pie lived up to expectations!



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I'm an avid runner who probably runs too much. My wife of over two decades is quite tolerant of my obsessions and has put up with me thus far. My grown daughters gave up trying to understand me long ago.
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