Adieu 2019. End of a year, end of a decade.

Little Miss on the Rocks

Like most years, 2019 had ups and downs, but I’m happy to have enjoyed the peaks and valleys of the roller coaster. I spent much more time cresting the summits than in the gullies. I’m happy to have spent wonderful time with family near and far, including seeing our granddaughter crest her fifth birthday and begin kindergarten. Had some wonderful trips like our Christmas in July with the kids in Beaver Bay on Lake Superior’s North Shore.

We had terrific visits with siblings, cousins and their progeny from both Anne’s and my side of the family. We made numerous trips to see Anne’s clan in Michigan, including her 98 year-old father.

It has been fun seeing my nieces and nephews with their growing families.

I also experienced a great Boundary Waters Canoe Area wilderness trip with a nephew and son-in-law in July.

I’m blessed to have a large family and treasure the moments spent with each member of my tribe.

Close to my heart was time spent with Anne. She continues to tolerate me, even after enduring thirty years of marriage. It helps me to be married to my best friend.

I also had the privilege of spending time with good friends throughout the year. The many dinners, pontoon boat rides and card games sprinkled a warm comforting spice to the year.

Coffee on the pontoon boat on Little Hanging Horn Lake.

I was able to reconnect with many in my circle of running friends from close and far away. The connections took place in training runs and races both locally and around the country. The camaraderie and great conversations during and after runs continue to give me balance.

I hit some nice running milestones this year, I also hit some setbacks. I finished a bunch of races (didn’t finish the race pictured below) and ran a lot of miles. More than anything I feel gratitude for the ability to still put one foot in front of the other.

View from the Superior Hiking Trail during the Sawtooth 100 Trail Race.

I also had the opportunity to do a ‘non-race’ fun run back and forth across the Grand Canyon with friends. Nothing better than sleep depravation in a beautiful place with quality people.

Grand Canyon RTRTR team.
Crossing the Colorado River at the bottom of the Grand Canyon.

I had hernia repair surgery in December which ended my running year. Once I get back to running after my surgery hiatus, I intend to get back to streak running and hope to pursue more adventures this year.

I don’t really have new year’s resolutions, but I hope to continue following my passions in the coming year. I want to strive to live in the moment with those that choose to spend time with me. I want to continue to be a cheerleader in the lives of those around me. I want to celebrate in their triumphs and empathize with their struggles. Years ago I heard a speech by football coach Lou Holtz. He said he told his players to try and do three things. “Be the best person you can be. Make good decisions. Treat other people right.” I hope to work on those ideals. Adieu to 2019. Lessons learned and memories created. Ever upwards or Excelsior in 2020!

About bwcaguy

I'm an avid runner who probably runs too much. My wife of over two decades is quite tolerant of my obsessions and has put up with me thus far. My grown daughters gave up trying to understand me long ago.
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  1. Kate says:

    Thank you for posting this blog! I needed an early morning smile today!

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